Sebastian Vettel, Fuji, GP Japan 2007

PIC OF THE WEEK – Qualifying a Toro Rosso for the first time in the team’s history in qualifying in Fuji already was a great achievement for youngster Sebastian Vettel. Leading ten laps in the Japaneses GP on Sunday and, after the pitstops, braking alongside Fernando Alonso and actually overtaking the double World Champion made it clear why Germans call this kid “baby Shuey”. Even if lack of experience caught him out, when in a chain reaction after Hamilton’s brake testing he collected Mark Webber. Still he deserves to be honoured for his stunning overall performance.

Willy Mairesse 1/10/1928, 79 years ago, Willy Mairesse is born in Momignes, Belgium.

Mairesse was a Formula One driver from Belgium. He participated in 12 Grands Prix. He achieved 1 podium and scored a total of 7 championship points. He committed suicide in a hotel room in Ostend after injury forced an end to his career.

Born 79 years ago, died 38 years ago (2/9/1969) in Oostende, aged 41.

Frank Gardner 2007 1/10/1930, 77 years ago, Frank Gardner is born in Sydney, Australia

Frank Gardner was one of the world’s toughest, most determined and professional racing drivers. From Australia, he is best known as a Touring car racing and Sports car racing driver. He raced in nine Formula One grand prix. He won the 1971 and 1972 Formula 5000 championships and 1976 and 1977 Australian Sports Sedan championships.

Jean-Pierre Jabouille 1/10/1942, 65 years ago, Jean-Pierre Jabouille is born in Paris, France

Jabouille was one of the last of a breed of Formula One drivers who were also engineers and gained
fame not only for debuting the revolutionary Renault Turbo F1, but also conquering the first victory for the French car maker in motorsport’s top category.

Jean-Denis Delétraz 2007 1/10/1973, 34 years ago, Jean-Denis Delétraz is born in Geneva, Switzerland.

Delétraz scored two 3rd places in Formula 3000, but he earned his three F1 drives based on funding rather than talent.

Raúl Riganti 1/10/1970, Raúl Riganti dies

Raul Riganti was one of the best drivers to come out of Argentine in the 1920s and 1930s. He became one of the first heroes of Argentine Motorsport.

Born 114 years ago in Polenta, died 37 years ago ( 1 / 10 /1970) , aged 77

Mariette Hélène Delangle 1/10/1984, Mariette Hélène Delangle dies

A postmasters daughter who moved to Paris and became a famous dancer. Hellé Nice, as she was nicknamed, became involved in motor sport and became a very competent Bugatti driver. Denounced as a Gestapo agent by Louis Chiron after the Second World War she died in abject poverty in Nice in 1984.

Born 107 years ago in Aunay-sous-Auneau, died 23 years ago ( 1 / 10 /1984) , aged 84

Jan Flinterman 2/10/1919, 88 years ago, Jan Flinterman is born

Started racing in 500cc F3. Became the first Dutchman to compete in a round of the F1 World Championship at the Dutch Grand Prix in 1952.

Born 88 years ago, died 15 years ago (26/12/1992) , aged 73.

Giorgio Scarlatti 2/10/1921, 86 years ago, Giorgio Scarlatti is born.

Scarlatti was an Italian F1 driver. He participated in 15 grands prix, debuting on May 13, 1956. He scored 1 championship point.

Born 86 years ago, died 15 years ago (?/?/1992) , aged 71

Nanni Galli, 2007 2/10/1940, 67 years ago, Giovanni Giuseppe Gilberto Galli is born.

Giovanni Giuseppe Gilberto Galli, nicknamed Nanni, is an accomplished Italian former saloon and sports-car racer of the 1960s and 1970s.

Michael Bleekemolen 2007 2/10/1949, 58 years ago, Michael Bleekemolen is born in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Bleekemolen was a Formula One driver who raced for the RAM and ATS teams. He entered Formula 1 in 1977, failing to qualify at his home grand prix. He returned in 1972 year and drove in four races, qualifying only once. After Formula 1 he returned to Formula 3.

Olivier Gendebien 2/10/1998, Olivier Gendebien dies

After serving with the British army in WWII he took up Rallying. He was hired by Enzo Ferrari to race his sports cars which he did very well. He won Le Mans four times, Sebring three times and the Targa Florio three times. He also raced in 15 Grand Prix.

Born 83 years ago in Brussels, Belgium, died 9 years ago ( 2 / 10 /1998) , aged 74.

Andrea de Adamich 2007 3/10/1941, 66 years ago, Andrea de Adamich is born in Trieste, Italy

Formula One driver from Italy. He participated in 34 grands prix, debuting on January 1, 1968. He scored a total of 6 championship points.

Max Papis 2007 3/10/1969, 38 years ago, Massimiliano Papis is born in Como, Italy.

Max Papis is a racing driver from Italy who has competed in several top-level motorsports series such as Formula One and Champ Car. He currently drives in the Grand Am Rolex Sportscar Series.

Roberto Bussinello, 1961 4/10/1927, 80 years ago, Roberto Bussinello is born in Pistoria, Italy.

Veteran Italian semi-professional and Autodelta Alfa Romeo GTA driver and drove the ageing Centro Sud BRM in the 1965 German and Italian Grands Prix with correspondingly little success, failing even to qualify for the former event.

Born 80 years ago, died 8 years ago (24/8/1999) , aged 72.

Eitel Cantoni 4/10/1906, 101 years ago, Eitel Cantoni is born in Montevideo, Uruguay.

From Montevideo in Uruguay, he was of the contingent of South Americans who came to Europe in the late forties and early fifties.

Born 101 years ago, died 10 years ago (6/6/1997), aged 91 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Denny Hulme 4/10/1992, Denis Clive Hulme dies

1967 Formula One World Champion with Brabham team. Denny Hulme later went on to race for McLaren. He was CanAm champion in 1968 and 1970. Hulme suffered a massive heart attack at the wheel of a BMW M3 in the Bathurst 1000, making him the first Formula One World Champion to die of natural causes.

Born 71 years ago in Moteuka, New Zealand, died 15 years ago ( 4 / 10 /1992) at Bathurst, Mount Panorama, aged 56.

Tony Shelly 2007 4/10/1998, 70 years ago, Tony Shelly is born.

A popular Kiwi driver to came to Europe in 1962. Did well in non-championship races but retired after 6 laps in his only World Championship appearance. Moved to Hawaii where he ran a number of successful car dealerships.

Born 70 years ago, died 9 years ago ( 4 / 10 /1998) , aged 61.

Michael Andretti 2007 5/10/1962, 45 years ago, Michael Andretti is born in Bethlehem, USA.

One of the first second-generation open wheel race car drivers, Michael Andretti is the oldest son of racing legend Mario Andretti. Michael is CEO of Andretti Green Racing, a four-car team competing in the Indy Racing League IndyCar Series. As a team owner, he has won two back-to-back IndyCar championships and an Indy 500 win.

Froilan Gonzalez 2007 5/10/1922, 85 years ago, José Froilan Gonzalez is born.

González made his Formula One debut in the 1950 Monaco Grand Prix. He raced 26 Grands Prix in 9 seasons (1950-1957 and 1960). He won twice, came second 7 times, third 4 times, set 3 pole positions and 6 fastest laps. He won the 1951 Coppa Acerbo, in 1954 the 24 Hours of Le Mans with Maurice Trintignant.

Walter Wolf 5/10/1939, 68 years ago, Walter Wolf is born

Walter Wolf is a Slovenian-born Canadian oil-drilling equipment supplier who in the early 1970s made a fortune from the North Sea oil business and decided to join the world of Formula 1 motor racing.

André Pilette 6/10/1918, 89 years ago, André Pilette is born in Etterbeek, Belgium

André Pilette was born in Etterbeek, Belgium and was a Formula One driver. He participated in 14 grands prix, debuting on June 17, 1951. He scored 2 championship points.

Born 89 years ago, died 14 years ago (27/12/1993) , aged 75.

Max de Terra 6/10/1918, 89 years ago, Max de Terra is born in Zürich, Switzerland.

Max de Terra raced in minor events and hill-climbs in the late forties and early fifties. He raced in two Swiss Grands Prix at Berne’s Bremgarten circuit in 1952 and 1953 without success.

Born 89 years ago, died 25 years ago (29/12/1982) , aged 64.

John Nicholson 6/10/1941, 66 years ago, John Nicholson is born in Auckland, New Zealand.

John Nicholson, best know for his preparation of Cosworth DFVs, is a former Formula One driver from Auckland, New Zealand. He participated in 2 grands prix, debuting on July 20, 1974.

Carlos Pace, 1976 6/10/1944, 63 years ago, José Carlos Pace is born in Saõ Paulo, Brazil.

Carlos Pace was a Formula One driver from Brazil. He participated in 73 grands prix, debuting on March 4, 1972. He won 1 race, the Brazilian Grand Prix in 1975 driving for Brabham, and finished on the podium six times. He was killed in a light aircraft accident in early 1977.

Born 63 years ago, died 30 years ago (18/3/1977) , aged 33.

Manfred Winkelhock, 1985 6/10/1951, 56 years ago, Manfred Winkelhock is born in Waiblingen, Germany.

Manfred Winkelhock was fast but wild. He drove for ATS and RAM-Hart team in F1, but is best know as a very successful sports car driver. He was killed in the summer of 1985 when he crashed during the Budweiser 1000km World Sportscar Championship race at Mosport Park.

Born 56 years ago, died 22 years ago (12/8/1985) , aged 34.

François Cevert, 1973 6/10/1973, François Cevert dies.

Cevert was one of the most colorful racing drivers of the early 1970s. In the tumultuous, tragic arena that was Formula One racing at the time, few showed more flair and promise, and no one ended their career more heartrendingly.

Born 63 years ago in Paris, France, died 34 years ago ( 6 / 10 /1973) in Watkins Glen, USA, aged 29.

Helmuth Koinigg, 1974 6/10/1974, Helmuth Koinigg dies.

Helmuth Koinigg was a highly-regarded young racing driver who was killed in the 1974 United States Grand Prix, It was only his second Grand Prix start.

Born 59 years ago in Vienna, Austria died 33 years ago ( 6 / 10 /1974) in Watkins Glen, USA, aged 26.

EVENTS – 6/10/2007:

NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, Talladega Superspeedway, USA

ALMS, Road Atlanta, USA

Marco Apicella, 2005 7/10/1965, 42 years ago, Marco Apicella is born in Bologna, Italy.

Marco Apicella had one of the shortest career in F1. He joined the Jordan team for the Italian Grand Prix at Monza in September 1993, qualified 23rd and at the first corner got caught up in someone else’s accident and retired.

Bernard Collomb 7/10/1930, 77 years ago, Bernard Marie François Alexandre Collomb-Clerc is born in Annecy, France.

Bernard Collomb is a former Formula One driver from France. He participated in 6 grands prix. He almost always drove self-prepared cars, and first raced Coopers, switching to Lotuses in 1963. His best F1 result was 4th at Vienna in a non-Championship race in 1961, at the wheel of a Cooper-Climax.

William Gordon Everitt 7/10/1901, 106 years ago, William Gordon Everitt is born in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, UK.

William Everitt was at one time touted as the “next Dick Seaman”. Results included a 4th at 1935 Donington GP, a 3rd at 1936 Empire Trophy, a 5th in 1938 South African GP and 4th in 1938 Grosvenor GP with a Maserati 6CM. Died in Old Alresford, Hampshire 1993.

Born 106 years ago, died 14 years ago, (3/8/1993) , aged 92.

Camille Jenatzy 7/10/1913, Camille Jenatzy dies

Famous for setting land speed records including the first over 100 mph, the Red Devil was shot by his friends when a practical joke went very wrong.

Born 138 years ago, died 94 years ago ( 7 / 10 /1913) , aged 44.

Thomas Essery Rose-Richards 7/10/1940, Thomas Essery Rose-Richards dies

Tim Rose-Richards was a Welsh GP and sports car racing driver in the 30’s who died at sea in 1940.

Born 105 years ago in Glamorgan, died 67 years ago ( 7 / 10 /1940) , aged 38.

Benoît Musy 7/10/1956, Benoît Musy dies

Benoît Nicolas Musy raced Moto Guzzi motorcycles winning six Swiss Championships. He also raced various Maserati. He died racing at Montlhéry in France, driving a Maserati 200S.

Born 90 years ago in Fribourg, Switzrland, died 51 years ago ( 7 / 10 /1956) , aged 39.

Peter Walker 7/10/1912, 95 years ago, Peter Walker is born

A Herefordshire-based gentleman farmer, Walker drove in 3 Grand Prix, notable taking the BRM V16 to 7th in the British Grand Prix in 1951 despite being half roasted in the cockpit. Sadly ended his days an alcoholic derelict on the streets of London.

Born 95 years ago, died 23 years ago (1/3/1984) , aged 72

EVENTS – 7/10/2007:

Chinese Grand Prix, F1, Shanghai International Circuit, China

WRC, Rally RACC Catalunya, Spain

WTCC, Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy

NASCAR Nextel-Cup, Talledega Superspeedway, USA

Australian V8 Supercars, Bathurst 1000, Australia


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