6th of December – Today is Keke Rosberg’s birthday and one of the highlights of his career must have been his Pole Position with the rather uncompetitive Williams FW10-Honda V6-Turbo at the 1985 British Grand Prix. With an average speed of 258.983km/h (160.92mph) it stood as the fastest single lap in F1 history for 16 years, up until 2001.

Tico Martini,1978 5/12/1934, 73 years ago, Renato Martini was born in France.

Meeting the Knight brothers, who ran the Winfield Racing School at Magny-Cours, at the Bouley Bay hillclimb in 1963 was the beginning of a very successful liaison. Tico, as the Frenchman of Italina origins is nicknamed, moved to Magny-Cours to look after the schools fleet of racing cars and building his first cars in a garage at the circuit, giving them the designation MW (Martini Winfield) and later MK (Martini Knight). Sucessful in F3 and from 1975 on in F2, Martini decided to build an F1 car, MK23, but it turned out to be an underfunded and therefore ill-fated attempt. Martini cars went on winning F3 and F2 titles until Tico decided to sell the Company to former F1 team owner Guy Ligier in 2004.


Keke Rosberg, 2007 6/12/1948, 59 years ago, Keijo Erik Rosberg is born in Stockholm, Sweden.

Albeit born in Sweden, Keke Rosberg is Finland’s first regular GP-driver and 1982 F1 World Champion. Famous for his raw skills, displaying always an aggressive driving style, he made the most of the opportunity to replace the retiring Alan Jones at Williams in 1982 and winning the title with a normally aspirated engine against the overwhelming turbo power most of the opposition had on hand. However, he never had competitive equipment again and quit F1 in frustration at the end of 1986.

After retiring from F1 Keke founded his own team to race in German DTM series and when he stopped to race altogether concentrated on managing Mika Häkkinen’s career and, more recently, his son Nico’s rise to GP driver status.


Adolf Rosenberg, 1924 6/12/1967, Adolf Rosenberger dies.

Adolf Rosenberger was a successful businessman who mainly raced Mercedes and Benz cars in the 1920s. His successes and records included wins at Avus, Stuttgart Solitude in 1924 and 1925, the Kasseler Herkules Hillclimb and the Klausenpassrennen. At the 1926 German GrandPrix Adolf Rosenberger was involved in one of the numerous accidents in treacherous conditions. He survived a crash into a marshals, but the death of three people had Berlin’s Avus track closed downfor racing for decades.

In 1931 he founded the Porsche GmbH together with Ferdinand Porsche and Dr. Anton Piëch. He was also instrumental in the creation of the Auto Union concern. But the turmoils of WW2 forced him into exile. He became an US-citizen under the name of Alan Arthur Robert and passed away in California in 1967.

Born: 8th of April 1900 in Pforzheim, Germany.
Died: 6th of December in California, USA, aged 67.


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