Today is Peter Sauber’s 65th birthday. The former team principal still travels to several Grands Prix and remains active within the team’s board of directors. I’d like to express best wishes and that continues to treat him well, with good health and more time to spend with his beloved wife Christiane.


Piero Dusio 13/10/1899, Piero Dusio is born in Scurzolengo, Asti, Italy.

Dusio, an Italian amateur pre-war champion, founded Cisitalia whose little D46 racers found wide favour, unlike the Porsche-based Tipo 360 Grand Prix car. Attempted to qualify a self-entered Cisitalia D46 for the 1952 Italian GP when well into his fifties.

Born: 13th of October 1899 in Scurzolengo d’Asti, Italy;
Died: 7th of November 1975 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, aged 76.


Peter Sauber 2007 13/10/1943, 64 years ago, Peter Sauber is born in Zurich, Switzerland.

Peter Sauber is famous for being the former team principal and owner of the Sauber Formula 1 team that is now the BMW-Sauber F1 team. He began as driver and constructor and won the Swiss sportscar championship before founding the race car building company Sauber Rennsport AG and concentrating on building sportscars. His rise to becoming Mercedes Benz’ works team in sports car racing, winning the 24 hours of Le Mans und the Sportcar World Championship and then entering Formula 1 in 1993 was tough and full of obstacles. But Peter Sauber would establish his team at the echelon of motor racing with the same commitment and seriousness. After a number of podium finishes in almost 12 years of Grand Prix racing, Peter Sauber was looking for a way to secure the future of his team and sell it off to a concern with the right budget to take it further. On the 22nd of June 2005 he sold his outfit to BMW. On the 14th of January 2006 his achievement was honored as “Schweizer des Jahres 2005”, a yearly award given to the most outstanding Swiss citizen. But his perhaps greatest joy was to see BMW keep the Sauber name and watching Robert Kubica bring the outfit’s first ever Grand Prix win home in Canada, the first ever Swiss race team to achieve that feat. Besides being the first GP win for BMW as constructor.


Patrick Nève 13/10/1949, 58 years ago, Patrick Marie Ghislain Pierre Simon Stanislas Nève de Mévergnies is born in Liège, Belgium.

Patrick Nève was a former F1 driver from Belgium. He participated in 13 Grands Prix, debuting on May 16, 1976.


Jean Trémoulet 13/10/1944, Jean Trémoulet dies.

Jean Trémoulet was a French racing driver, who started off as riding mechanic for his friend the Delahaye driver Eugenè Chaboud. Together they won Le Mans in 1938. Trémoulet joined the French resistance during the war and died in an motorcycle accident during a Resistance mission at Sagelat in 1944.

Born: 12th of April 1909 in Vézac, France;
Died: 13th of October 1944 in Sagelat, France.


Philippe Etancelin 13/10/1981, Philippe Étancelin is born in Rouen, France.

Étancelin began racing with a Bugatti in 1926, making an immediate impact by winning the Grand Prix de Reims. Nicknamed “Phi-Phi,” he teamed up with Luigi Chinetti to win the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1934. He almost always drove privately entered cars, competing in twelve F1 grand prix, debuting on May 13, 1950.

Born: 28th of December 1896 in Rouen, France;
Died: 13th of October 1981 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Fance, aged 84.


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