23rd of November – Today is Olivier Beretta’s birthday and the picture above shows the F3000 car he drove back in 1993 before debuting for Larrousse in F1. Yet, despite the shot being from that season, it’s not Beretta at the wheel. Any takers who that could be?


Olivier Beretta 23/11/1969, Olivier Beretta is born in Monaco.

Olivier Beretta is from a wealthy Monegasque family and managed to access Formula 1 when in a time when this was easily possible with pockets full of money. He began the 1994 season for the Larrousse team, but after 10 Grands Prix his budget dried up. He went on to become a very reasonable GT-driver becoming 1998 FIA-GT2-champion and in 1999 and 2000, partnered by Karl Wendlinger, won the American Le Mans Series in Oreca’s Viper. The duo also scored class wins at the Le Mans 24 hours race in 1999 and 2000. Since 2004 Beretta, now a Corvette works driver, has added three further class wins at Le Mans and two ALMS titles to his tally.


Ross Brawn 23/11/1954, Ross Brawn is born in Manchester, UK.

Ross Brawn’s carrer in motorsport began with March in 1976 and taking him via Williams, the now-defunct FORCE-Beatrice-Haas and Arrows Formula 1 teams to Tom Walkinshaw’s Jaguar sports car team. He succeeded in designing the cars which won the 1991 Sportscar World Championship. Later that year, Walkinshaw would promote Brawn to technical director of the Benetton Formula 1 team the Scot became involved with, helping them win back-to-back world driver championships in 1994 and 1995 with Michael Schumacher at the helm. Ross Brawn followed Schumacher to the Ferrari F1 team in 1996. After a few “rebuilding” years, Ferrari regainws glory in 1999 by winning the first of six consecutive contructor titles as well as five consecutive drivers titles for Schumacher, beginning in 2000. After a break in 2007, Brawn returned to F1 working for the Honda F1 Team in 2008.


Juan Jover 23/11/1903, Juan Jover Sañés is born in Barcelona, Spain.

Spanish motorcycle racer who went on to race sports cars as well as single-seaters and took part in selected F1 Grands Prix, mainly on Spanish soil. Died driving between Sitges to Barcelona when his private Pegaso sportscar went off a cliff.

Born: 23rd of November 1903 in Barcelona, Spain.
Died: 28th of June 1960 in Sitges, Spain, aged 57.


4 thoughts on “Sunday,

  1. funformula said:

    “I guess it´s Nelson Piquet. He was involved in the F3000 team Beretta drove for. Maybe it was a test for Piquet, checking if he is still able to drive a racecar after his Indy-crash.”

  2. Sorry for the delay in answering, Harald. But it seems that, somehow, you posted your comment in a link to the picture. That didn’t work, so I had to paste and copy your suggestion into the post’s comments section.

    Anyway, indeed you got it right, it is Nelson Piquet in the Piquet Sports Reynard Olivier Beretta drove that year in F3000.

  3. The car Piquet is driving is looking a bit strange. It´s for sure no Reynard, the front looks more like a 92 Lola, but the roll hoop is 92 Ralt style. What is it???

  4. The car is a Ralt RT 24. I own these two cars. You can find pictures of them racing in Japan with Nakijima’s team with PIAA sponsorship. I currently race the other car in Vintage with Nisseki colors.

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