9th of December – Today is Ben Pon’s birthday and the scene above makes it pretty clear why the Dutchman aborted his single seater career right after the first attempt at 1962 Dutch GP. He luckily survived the shunt with the works Porsche 787 and, in a time when such a crash could easily be fatal, wisely vowed never to race in single seaters again.


Ed Elisian, 1959 9/12/1926, Edward Gulbeng Elisian is born in Oakland, USA.

Ed Elisian was a keen competitor, but sometimes a bit too aggressive. He was considered responsible for causing the accident that killed his close friend Bill Vukovich in the 1958 Indy 500 and was suspended for 12 months. Right in the first race of his comeback he suffered a fatal accident himself at the Milwaukee Mile.

Born: 9th of December 1926 in Oakland, USA.
Died: 30th of August 1959 in Milwaukee, USA, aged 32.


André Milhoux 9/12/1928, André Milhoux is born in Bressoux, Belgium.

Milhoux’s only appearance in F1 was cut short in the 1956 German GP when the Belgian was forced to retire after 15 laps due to an engine failure.


Ben Pon, 2007 9/12/1936, Bernardus Marimus Pon is born in Leiden, Netherlands.

Pon was a successful Porsche sports car racer and gladly accepted the works Porsche team’s offer to drive for them in the 1962 Dutch Grand Prix. He crashed the 787 F1 car heavily and vowed never to race single seaters again. The Dutchman went on in sports cars instead until 1969. He now owns and runs the Bernardus Winery in Carmel, California.


Doug Serrurier 9/12/1920, Louis Douglas Serrurier is born in Germiston (Gauteng), South Africa.

Doug Serrurier was an enterprising South African motor racing driver who raced his self-built LDS F1 cars, an abbreviation for Louis Douglas Serrurier, against drivers such as John Love, Sam Tingle, Dave Charlton and Jackie Pretorius in the South African F1 championship. The LDS was powered by an Alfa Romeo four-cylinder engine driving through a Porsche five-speed gearbox and with this car Doug took part in the 1962, 1963 and 1965 South African GPs . He was also a leading competitor in the Springbok Sports Car series with a very fast Lola Ford T70.

Born: 9th of December 1920 in Germiston (Gauteng), South Africa.
Died: 3rd of June 2006 in Johannesburg (Gauteng), South Africa, aged 85.


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