Jackie Pretorius, Brabham BT26A, Kyalami 1971

31st of March – Jacobus Pretorius, better known as Jackie Pretorius, has died as a conquence from injuries sustained three weeks ago during an assault at his home in Glen Austin near Johannesburg. His wife Shirley died as a result of her injuries in a similar assault assault some years ago.

My heart goes out to family and friends in these difficult moments.

An additional hommage has been placed in the 31st of March post in honour of Jackie.


One thought on “Jackie Pretorius has died

  1. As a youngster I saw Jackie race many times at my home track ,Killarney, just outside Cape Town.
    To me Jackie was everything that a real racing driver should be
    ie; a bit of a hellraise, someone with a good sense of humour and a guy with a good dose of competitive sportsmanship running through his veins.
    Jackie was never going to be the best F1 racer in the world but together with okes like John Love, Dave Charlton and John McNicol they were well and truly my heroes.
    I am so sad to hear that such a colourfull character had to meet such a lousy and pitiful end at the hand of such pathetic so called people in South Africa.

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