Nationality : french
Date of birth : april 16, 1980
Main fields of activity : chassis

2000-2003 : graduated engineer of the French Institute of Advanced Mechanics (IFMA) , machine, mechanism and system department
2002-2003 : MSc in mechanical engineering and finite elements, University of Clermont-Ferrand
feb 2002-jul 2002 : engineer in a nuclear power plant > ESKOM (Cape Town)
aug 2002-jun 2003 : engineer > Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI – Honolulu)
2003-2005 : R&D engineer. Calculation , design, programming, test bench testing, track testing, communication and project management > Toyota (F1)
2005-2009 : senior R&D engineer, responsible of car regidity and suspensions > Toyota (F1)

Publications on work done in Hawaii in collaboration with the HNEI :
Analysis of Electric Vehicle Usage of a Hyundai Santa Fe Fleet in Hawaii
A Combinatorial, Concurrent Approach to Predict Battery End-of-Life


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