Arthur Brookes Hyde (GB)
4 Sep 1915 – 26 Mar 2005
Born in Highbury, London 1915. Raced as an independent in the years 1937 to 1939. He owned a Riley 9 and the 8CM-3000 Maserati. He had modest success but, according to his son, a great deal of fun. With the Riley he won a Mountain Handicap at Brooklands. Entered the Donington GP in 1937, soon after purchasing the Maserati, but felt that the discrepancy between his speeds and those of the Mercedes-Benz and Auto Unions was likely to be dangerous so he did not start. As George Monkhouse said: “Very sporting but quite unneccessary.” In 1938 he went to the German GP where he crashed badly after 14 laps. He was lucky to survive but continued to race in 1939. He was third in the 1939 British Empire Trophy at Donington, won by Tony Rolt, He did not resume racing after the war and sold the cars. It is believed that the Maserati was bought by Cholmondley Tapper. A. B. Hyde moved to Charlotte, North Carolina where he died in 2005.
(Info supplied by Edward Hyde.)

1937: DNS Donington GP
1938: 3 Campbell Trophy / DNF German GP / DNS JCC 200 (Voiturette + GP)
1939: 4 Road Championship / DNS Campbell Trophy


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