P1Mag has temporarily closed down its e-shop area with immediate effect . “Unfortunately the e-Shop – run by a third party – belonging to the P1Mag homepage until today, failed to meet our expectations ”, says the weekly publication’s editor-in-chief Mario-Alberto Bauér.

“As a specialist magazine, made by racers for racers, we got hard core enthusiasts among our readership. Be it those actively racing on tracks world wide, be it people in the paddock or those cheering drivers and teams on from the grandstand. It’s obvious that our expectation was being able to offer adequate gear and articles to our audience. But the choice of current products that have been chosen would hardly satisfy true racers.”

E-Commerce will clearly remain a pillar alongside the weekly e-paper in P1Mag’s concept though. A relaunch of a new and upgraded e-shop could fit in with the planned global version that would offer P1Mag beyond its current German language format for English speaking motorsport enthusiasts.

Given our experience so far with the demand of behind the scene information on international motorsport and the global business opportunities out there, we are confident that we will be ready in time for the next season,“ says Bauér.

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