Further seats have been allocated, as P1Mag will report in its latest edition: Jenson Button will join Lewis Hamilton at McLaren, Timo Glock and Lucas di Grassi will be team-mates at Manor/Virgin and Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg will be joined by Kimi Räikkönen. Issue 26 of P1Mag will be available for free download at at www.p1mag.de

Posted via email from P1Magazin

Updates on this story HERE


3 thoughts on “Kimi with Mercedes

  1. Hi Mario,

    I am starting to think that the whole Brawn saga had Mercedes backing from day one. The tension between McLaren and Mercedes over their supercar divisons have been going on for sometime so helping Ross Brawn to get his team up and running for a later take over makes sense to me. What a great play.

  2. And now, the brasilian journalist Lito Cavalcanti (Sportv), claimed to himself the breaking news of Kimi in Mercedes. But he says that it will happen in last year, and not in 2011…

    Best regards

  3. Muhahahahaha! That’s what you get from copying news from a German Magazine without reading the details

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