OK, clarifying my post from the 17th for all non-German speaking friends: I DID NOT SAY (or write) that Kimi Räikkönen is going to drive in Formula 1 for Mercedes in 2010! According to our research for P1 Mag he DOES have some kind of agreement in place with Mercedes-Benz.

It seems the terms of his contract termination with Ferrari do not allow him to drive in 2010 for any team placed ahead of Ferrari in the 2009 World Championship. Apart from risking the compensation he’s got for the contract termination, he’d probably would face legal issues for breaching this agreement. So actually the best thing to do is to take a year off and come back in 2011. With Mercedes Grand Prix. Nick Heidfeld being the likely choice to fill the void for 2010.

I’m well aware that Autosport.com has pumped out something different, mentioning McLaren had been Kimi’s only choice and speculating about him joining RBR 2011. Time will tell if they can stick to their story. I’m quite comfortable with ours. Oh, and sorry for the cheap skate copy cats who got themselves into trouble for picking up just the headline…

Updates on this story HERE


6 thoughts on “Kimi with Mercedes… in 2011 !

  1. Then why would he negotiate with McLaren for 2010, McLaren beeing also ahead of Ferrari in 2009. On the other hand it was Brawn GP ahead of Ferrari, not Mercedes GP in 2009.

  2. Why not? You can negotiate as much as you like. Even if it’s just for checking what’s possible and what isn’t. Who says he didn’t check back with Ferrari once he had an offer?

    Besides, BrawnGP might change its name to Mercedes GP, but from its entry its still the same team, same address, same account.

    I’m suprised no-one is making any remarks about Mr. Montezemolo’S ethics to pay one of the best drivers around to stay away from the grid…

  3. Everybody seems to forget that it was Ferrari who breeched the contract, not Kimi. Ferrari had to pay for the 2010 and bonus for contract breeching and that’s’ it. I seriously doubt there would be anything that could stop Kimi to drive in 2010, if he wants.

  4. Ethics?
    I was under the impression that we were discussing F1 here!!!… 😀

    Quoting James Allen: “In F1 you are either taking pain or giving it.”

  5. Ari, a “breach” of contract is, when someone doesn’t do what both parties have agreed. Ferrari offered Kimi a mutually agreed split with a multi million compensation under certain conditions. Which Kimi accepted. There has been no breach of contract.

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