First of all I always found it rather odd that the Formula1.com personnel has always been hidden away from the public. Even when I was the editor-in-chief there, it was the dictated policy to do so. So we don’t know if the recent “exclusive interview” with Kimi Räikkönen has been done by an investigating journalist – which would then require mentioning the name – or whether it is a staged PR stunt. Want me to guess…?

Am I the only one to notice that there are quite a lot of contradictions between what „The Robertsons“ have been saying and what is now declared by the driver himself through this interview with whoever from the Formula1.com staff? Just compare these two lines:

„My management held many meetings with McLaren.“


„I have not held talks with Brawn.“

Of course not. He didn’t have to. That’s his management’s job. They have been talking to Ross Brawn and Nick Fry since the Nürburgring GP. So Kimi saying he – himself – had no talks there, doesn’t imply negotiations didn’t take place. Especially as he had been asked about Mercedes GP and the answer „I have not held talks with Brawn” didn’t really match. If it was me doing that interview, I’d have squeezed him a bit more.

What Kimi ISN’T saying:

„I’m buddies with Norbert Haug and I got offered the Mercedes option pretty early.“


„I agreed with my managers to keep talks with Mclaren to keep the focus away from what we’re really doing.“


„Sorry, but I can’t say anything about a contract, so I’ll play the game of denial.“

Anyway, if all the Robertsons were doing all theses months was talking to just one single team, they would deserve the boot. I would like to think they understand the business better than that. So not quite the total and honest truth there. But it’s nothing personal, Kimi. Anyone who ever dealt with this business along the lines knows how it works and this is just a part of it …

Updates on this story HERE


2 thoughts on “Reading beween the lines

  1. to the author:

    Are u saying that kimi got a contract with mercedes gp earlier this year.. and the conversations with mclaren and sabbatical are just an eyewash??

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