As if journalists had nothing better to do than prepare for a telephone press conference for the German media at 1 pm local time, while the Mercedes-Benz press office leaks the purpose of such Event hours before to the British media. Very poor! And the “news” is a perfect anti-climax: Nico Rosberg confirmed, no word on second driver. Even worse! Spare me, will ya? Call me when you got REAL NEWS, Norbert.

Updates on this story HERE

8 thoughts on “Mercedes GP serves anti-climax

  1. Beware, Mário.
    Haug’s next press conference will be to announce a very big surprise: the engine they will be running next year. Rumour behind the scenes is that it will be a Mercedes one. It will be another BIG event!


  2. @JC: Muhahaha! The 3rd press conference will be about the colour of the car, I presume…?

    @Gustavo: Well, this is going to be title story. Found out something they will hate me to reveal 🙂

  3. So…..Michael is returning……good grace !! 🙂
    My personal opinion…..Shummy should stay out of it. If I had the money he has I would be buying historic F1 cars to drive for fun…but I am not him, seven times champion, having seconds guess about retirement.

  4. Mário,
    About the “title story”: is Robert Kubica involved in it?

    As for Michael, no way! If he wins, headlines will be “Schumacher Wins!”. If Rosberg or Heidfeld or another win, it will be “Mercedes turned him (them) into a winner!”. Mercedes needs this kind of publicity. And if Michael do come back and looses, it will be “Mercedes can’t give Schummi a proper car”. No way!! Aint gonna happen!

  5. Michele ist just a welcome fog screen, (almost) nothing to it. Can’t tell you yet, please wait for issue no. 27. Too many “ctrl+copy journalists” watching this space… 😉

  6. Must be very difficult to choose between Michael Schumacher and Kamui Kobayaashi.

    PS> Unfortunately Tarquini is 47 years old. Great driver

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