Dear colleagues, please be so kind to quote P1Magazin when breaking the story about Nico Rosbergs likely team-mate to your readers. Thank you !

Updates on this story HERE


5 thoughts on “Mercedes: Schumi? Kimi? Kubi !

  1. I can’t understand a word!
    Well, apart from Schumacher, Mercedes, Nico Rosberg, Tarquini and Jimmie Johnson 😀

    But if that means that Schumacher is a likely Mercedes GP F1 driver, I’m sorry but this time “I’m not buying” that story!

    Odds are very much against me, because everything you write turns out to be true sooner or later but, somehow, I pretty much doubt Schumacher will return to F1. And in the unlikely event that he really returns, I very much doubt he will be competitive! Not at a Badoer/Fisichella on a F60 level, a point scorer for sure, but no way a title contender. 40 years old and a severe neck injury!…

  2. Ha, got you!!!! You didn’t download issue 27 :s

    Even from the pictures you can tell who the story is REALLY about

  3. I’ve download it, as I always did, to increase your trafic quota.
    Point is, I don’t understand a word of it!… 😦

  4. BTW, I’ve always downloaded the P1Magazines but stopped opening it, for obvious reasons. However, following your advice, I’ve just oppened this one and took a look at the pictures: I really, really hope it’s the Pole who gets the second seat!

  5. Well, now you got some text to the pics: Go to the P1Mag website and click on the link in the News section. At least the first couple of pages are in Englsih. A peek preview of whsat we’re planning, if you like.

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