We are contemplating to launch a global P1Mag format in English language in 2010. We would like to offer you a first peak on how our e-paper looks in its current German version. As a bonus we’re offering our latest silly season report in English about the background on Schumacher, Räikkönen and Kiubica regarding Mercedes GP.

You can download it for free from the official P1Mag homepage

19 thoughts on “Peek preview: P1Mag in English

  1. Congratulations Mario. I was expecting a lot this english version. I always downloaded the german version, but was hard to translate it on Google Translator. But in english, make easier our read.

    Best Regards Mario

  2. Hi Mario,

    Thank you. We really appreciate your effort to put an Englih version of P1Mag out there. Looking forward to 2010.

  3. That’s exactly the point: We need to sell ads to launch an English version. I’ve been paying it out of my pocket so far.

  4. I was trying to insert this comment on P1Mag feedback area, but my useless german language knowledge prevents me from such an herculean task… 😀

    Thank you for this first “candy”!
    Of course I apreciate an english version of P1 Mag and hope the project keeps running and generating income.
    As for sugestions, at this point it is really hard to say something constructive: since I’m unable to read german, having a german version or having nothing at all is quite the same. From that starting point, to have an english version, is an acomplishment!

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  10. I can speak only for myself on this matter, but if I currently pay for Joe Saward’s Grandprix+ F1 e-magazine, I would much faster pay for a P1Mag!

  11. Mario, the English version looks great so far. In my opinion, the pictures can be better distributed throughout the pages. Also, I’ve found some minor mistakes such as “an driver” and “depend a lot of” instead of “a driver” and “depend a lot on”, but those are simple things to correct.

    The P1Mag is absolutely a great project. I wish I could fund it, but unfortunately I can’t do that. But, we can always look for investors and sponsors. I don’t think it’s a hard task to show the sponsors that their invested money will be converted in profits.

    Thank you very much for the high-quality material!

  12. Thanks Mario. As soon as possible, a sponsor will come, and if been necessary, the readers will help with small quantities of money, because have information like we have in P1 Mag, is very difficult to find.

    Best Regards

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  14. @Eduardo: I’m sure you’re right. I actually decided to do a quick translation of the first couple of pages between finishing the results pages (on air now in both versions) because I saw the immense interest the main article was about to create (blog stats gone through the roof) but most readers were left puzzled.

    We’re still not prepared to go for the English one but we now are in good shape to prepare that move. Of course we will need proof-reading etcetc. That’s why it can’t be done over night.

    I’ll create a page in English on the website to make our plans public. It’s definitely the way to go. But it steel needs a certain amount of decent preparation

    However, I’ll be very pleased to hear from inverstors/adsales people to anticipate the launch of the global format.

  15. Mario, don’t take my critics as a negative feedback… they’re the opposite. I can help you with the proof-reading.

    Also, I’m very good at “selling” stuff… preparing presentations, etc… if you need some help send me an e-mail… I can send you some examples of what we could do or of what I have done in the past!

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