I presume Robert Kubica’s life at the Rally du Var is going to be hell after P1Mag exclusively (OK, we’ll use that ugly word for once) revealed MercedesGP is looking to sign the polish driver for 2010 and beyond.

The story can be found here HERE


5 thoughts on “Mercedes after Kubica

  1. Hey Mario,
    Do you think Red Bull will switch engines in 2010 even if Renault stays for another season ? They are saying there is no contract with Renault for 2010 but the 2010 car was probably designed to receive the french engine.

  2. It’s somthing they can’t wait forever on. If Renault’s F1 activity collapses, I’m pretty sure they got a plan B. Wouldn’t be surprised if they got am mock-up Merc engine in their workshop for a couple of months now…

  3. Hum…I thought McLaren had said no to RBR/Mercedes deal. Do you think this will change now after the “split” ?

  4. No-one knows for sure. But F1 is always a give and take behind the scenes. If McLaren got something in return, they just might have losened the grip on this issue.

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