Next episode in the BMW Formula 1 withdrawal saga: no more Qadbak, now Peter Sauber himself is officially buying back the team. Under the condition, of course, that the team will have a slot allocated by the FIA in the 2010 grid. And that’s not foreseeable so far. The saga continues.

Posted via email from P1Magazin

4 thoughts on “BMW keep embarrassing themselves

  1. Does Peter Sauber gets to keep the BMW F1 engine expertise? Either technical data, facilities, satff, etc?

  2. Nope. As far as I know they’ll have Ferrari engines with Petronas badge. Or: Back to square one….

  3. If this deal had been done back in the summer it would avoid all this mess…..It’s getting a little late in the game to get a descent package together. I wonder why BMW is not staying as an engine supplier if they are keeping the engine facilities.

  4. I wrote that back then (in German, of course) when they did their panicking press conference: Because the BMW board of director’s has no bloddy clue about how Formula 1 works behind the scenes. And, I’m beginning to believe, that they haven’t been briefed properly, too. That’s why all this embarrassing mess is happening. No deal can be finalised without clear ownership, neither with engine suppliers, nor with drivers. Now, after an unnecessary delay of three months(!) Peter Sauber can finally start putting things together.

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