Michael Schumacher showed the way to the entire Brazilian driver’s elite once again by winning the kart race in Brazil’s Florianópolis.

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6 thoughts on “Schumacher wins again

  1. I was impressed by Meira’s pace. I don’t think he’s a bad driver, but he’s not very good either!

    As expected, Liuzzi showed his impressive karting skills!

    It’s a shame that Anthony Davidson and Jenson Button are not racing, they’re also very good kart drivers!

  2. Funny detail: Schumacher never lets the mechanic fiddle with the kart, he does all the tuning himself. May be that’s why he keeps winning 😉

    @ Eduardo: I would have loved to see Vettel there

  3. Mario, for you, who is the best driver of formula one (MY opinion: KImi, but i respect other opinions), and the rookie drivers, who do you think that is the best. And What about Kobayashi?

    Best Regards

  4. @ Gabriel: Just because he won a 30 lap kart race?

    @ Gustavo: Alonso, because he always squeezes everything out of the car. Neither Kimi, nor Hamilton have shown similar fighting spirit when their cars weren’t good. As far as the rookies go, I’d settle for Buemi. Of course Kobayashi showed great promise, but two good races aren’t actually enough to tell whether he’d show this kind of performance all the time.

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