Fullversion of P1Mag issue 28 is now available for free download at www.P1Mag.de

Viel Spass bei der Lektüre

Mario-Alberto Bauér

Chefredakteur P1Mag

Posted via email from P1Magazin


8 thoughts on “P1Mag issue 28 full version now available

  1. Mario, another question: what do you think of Brendon Hartley?

    As I have lived in New Zealand and really like the people there, I’d really like to see him in F1. It seems that he hasn’t got a great natural talent, but he is very focused, fast enough to drive the car, smart enough to deal with the journalists and wise enough to gather data while driving the car.

    He is, in my opinion, much smarter than Alguersuari, having denied his test-driver position in order to obtain more experience.

    Very good interview from him: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/80426

    Thanks, take care!

  2. You lived in New-Zealand???? What on earth made you go back to “United States of Flying Bullets”…? 😀

    Anyway, the only driver to stand out in F3 Euroseries was Bianchi. Maybe Vietoris, too. Hartley won one single race. And crashed more than once. So I’m not sure yet what to think, to be honest. Alguersuari? If Repsol doesn’t jump in, I’m not sure he’ll really get his contract fullfilled.

  3. Mário,

    You’ve always been a “Renault matter’s insider”, any news on that front that you can share with us?

  4. Mario, unfortunately I still haven’t graduated (I currently study Civil Engineering). but, as soon as I graduate, I intend to go back to New Zealand, or Australia… well, let’s see what happens!!! =D

    Have you read an article about a journalist who tested Red Bull’s simulator? He tested it alongside to Hartley and he was very impressed by Hartley’s driving, feedback, telemetry, etc… anyway, I guess that the real F1 drivers out there are much more impressive than him then!

    I’m very glad to know that P1Mag will be available in English! Congratulations for this victory, you deserve it!

    Take care!

  5. @JC: It seems the team will be racing, but not as RenaultF1. There’s contradictory information as to what’s happening. Not sure about that Prodrive rumour though.

    @Eduardo: Aaaargh, I’ve been onto that simulator test ride forever! Gotta press that issue again with RB…

  6. @Mario: I hope you do test the simulator. Because then you will feel the obligation to write a very detailed description of it for us, mere mortals!!! By the way, do you still race (I mean, even go-karts or simulators)?

  7. That’s the idea, of course 😉

    I love virtual racing and was about to get into rFactor and iRacing, but 2009 was so much work I even had to drop the occasional Grand Prix Legends races. No karting. I’m not keen on indoor karting and maintaining a competitive race kart is just too much trouble over here.

    There was a plan to do 24h of Nürburgring, again I was to busy. Hope it’ll come together for 2010. Got a couple of interesting test drives lined up for 2010. All to be reported in P1Mag, of course.

  8. @Mario: I hope everything will run smooth, then. And about karting… well, a good 13hp can be really fun… I frequently race with Alex Dias Ribeiro here in Brazil, and we use some indoor 13h at Granja Viana or Interlagos.

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