So it’s decided then: P1Mag will definitely go global in early 2010, the go ahead for the English language version has been a goal from the moment this weekly publication started. Furthermore we will increase our Formula 1 focus while maintaining the coverage of the global motor sport scene. As a matter of fact there will be more teasers to come in between seasons. More on that to be revealed soon.


11 thoughts on “Good news !

  1. @Gustavo: I think that Kimi will be fast, but not fast enough for a podium… let’s see what Mario thinks!

  2. @Flavio: It’s just 5 to 6MB per issue, that’s not that bad 😉

    @Gustavo: No podiums, unless the stars run into trouble, I’m afraid. World Rally Cars aren’t easy to set-up. And you ruin everything with a wrong tire choice, too. Lots to learn there for Kimi.

    If he can keep with Ogier (former Junior World Champion and bloody fast) he’ll be alright. My guess ist that most of the time he’ll fight to be in the Top 6.

  3. Congrats Mario, great news! Great to hear you will keep with the world motorsport coverage along with more F1 inside:)
    Good luck!

  4. Thanks Mario. I want to see what Kimi will do in WRC. And i have my doubts if he will return to f1… Unhapilly, te WRC is not broadcast live here in Brazil, i will need to see a live broadcastin in the world wide web.

    Best Regards Mario

  5. Sadly, there’s no such thing as WRC live broadcast.
    There are such attempts only by local TVs, like in New Zealand and Finland.
    MotorsTV are promising change, but they aren’t exactly the most popular cable TV channel. They showed a map with their European coverage and if a cable operator in a small town was showing their program, they were assuming it was being shown in the whole country. As far as I know, it’s popular mostly in the UK and France:(
    WRC radio is the best though, this is your chance 😉 And it’s very entertaining!

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