Right, boys ‘n’ girls, here’s a recap on some of the stuff you missed out on in P1Mag‘s issue 28, if you’re not into German language:

– Contrary to what Diário AS says, Robert Kubica’s contract (and those of 99% of the drivers) with Renault starts on 1st of January. There’s no “drop-out clause”! If Renault leave F1, he most likely will be able to chose to either insist on the contract being fulfilled by whoever takes over… or drop out. In that case: Mercedes here come;

– Same for Nick Heidfeld, he’s got a valid contract with BMW. Is more likely that he will want to see that fulfilled by Sauber, than accepting a one-year-deal with Mercedes GP;

– According to our sources Jacques Villeneuve and Jarno Trulli to be anounced by Lotus F1 soon;

– Piquet’s out of the running at Campos, Maldonado and Petrov are top choice. Soucek is a possibility;

– Petrov is also high on the list at Sauber alongside Heidfeld, also Trulli, Fisichella, de la Rosa and Klien;

– Despite MercedesGP having ruled out negotiations with Schumacher, rumour’s he might still have a stab at a comeback. And there might be a real surprise as far as that is concerned. Watch out for the next issue.

P.S. Just to rub it in: NOW Kimi Räikkönen’s management has confirmed towards Finish daily paper Turun Sanomat what P1Mag reported 3 weeks ago. YES, there was – and still is – an offer from Mercedes Grand Prix ! ! !


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