P1Mag will feature – among others – our research to the growing rumours around a not so unlikely Schumacher comeback and what role Sauber plays in it. We look into Kimi Räikkönens upcoming WRC adventure and will review the 2009 season of major single seater categories. Of course we also cater for news from the Formula 1 driver’s market, as well as bringing race reports from the title deciders in Australian V8 Supercars and Asian Porsche Carrera Cup.

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2 thoughts on “Preview on P1Mag issue no. 29

  1. As the “Monty Python” used to say: “And now, for something completely different”!

    Can you “dig” some sort of information about a possible connection between Portuguese GP2 pilot Alvaro Parente and Spanish F1 team Campos Meta?

    Portuguese media is very much bias when it comes to Portuguese pilots or teams and all the “specialized” Portuguese press sources about F1 are mostly (if not all) copy-paste.

    Therefore, for the last two or three weeks all Portuguese press says is “Alvaro Parente is aaaaaaalmost a Campos driver”. I can understand that some sort of lobby is trying to attract potential Portuguese sponsors into the deal, but nowhere else in the world have I read about this possibility. Furthermore, Adrian Campos himself has been to Brazil trying to get some sponsor deals and has mentioned the names of Pastor Maldonado, Pedro de la Rosa and Vitaly Petrov, but Alvaro Parente’s name was never mentioned.

  2. Easy to answer: Campos is (very) short of money. Does àlvaro have a 10 to 15 Million Dollar sponsor minimum with him? I don’t think so. Petrov got the biggest sponsorship purse, but he’s got chances elsewhere, too. So I’m afraid this wishful thinking by the Portuguese media.

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