You can’t win ’em all: Toni Fernandes has denied Jacques Villeneuve is being considered for a seat with Lotus. No pint for you, Tony (my source… erm, not Toni himself), you now owe me one 😉


3 thoughts on “There you go…

  1. For me, the answer is quite simple: there is no such thing!

    There are too many variables involved, what makes a pilot excell in one era, might be a turn down in another, conditions are different between eras, way too many options involved! And if you throw statistics into it, it only gets worse (even more confusing)…

  2. JC pretty much expressed my view. Autosport keeps dioing the same rubbish for twenty years and every year they come up with a new criteria to find out who’s the best.

    You will never anything in P1Mag because it’s pointless. We will never know what Jimmy Clark would have done in a 20th century carbonfiber tub F1. Nor will we ever know if Schumacher would have survived the fuel tank bombs of the 60s.

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