Has Luca di Montezemolo given in ? Usually reliable German news magazine “Focus” reports that Mercedes has signed Michael Schumacher for measly 3.5 million Euro for 2010.

That contradicts with what I hear from Italy. It is believed that Luca di Montezemolo won’t let the German go to Ferrari’s rival in the production sports car segment and rather prefers to transfer Felipe Massa to Sauber to vacate a seat for the 7-times World Champion. It is also believed that Schumacher is interested in only a number of races, not in the crunch of an entire season.

Mercedes-Benz has already reacted and called it speculation. Perhaps the author of the article is mislead by the fact that the Renault board of directors have decided to keep the works effort going, so Robert Kubica is definitely not available, and Nick Heidfeld having his contract – signed with BMW –- honored by Sauber.

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5 thoughts on “Schumacher rumours speeding up

  1. I want to see the best driver of the decade (Schumacher), fighting with Alonso, with the same equipment. He can loose the first race, because he hasn’t run during 3 seasons, but he can fight in equality of conditions with Fernando, because he is a fantastic driver.

  2. I’m still not buying this!

    James Allen wrote, and I quote, “(Luca di Montezemolo) has been saying privately that Schumacher, who has a three year contract with the Scuderia, is going nowhere and part of the reason for that is the competition Ferrari is set to face from Mercedes in the supercar market with Mercedes launching the SLS Gullwing in direct competition. The last thing Ferrari needs is to lose all the invaluable brand association they have built up over 15 years with Schumacher to Mercedes and to have him promote a rival car against them.

    And, if not for the neck injury, the myth will likely be ruined if he comes back and I’m not so sure he would like such prospect.

  3. Well, you see, James is one of the (very) few guys I get along well with in F1 paddocks (and kart tracks, right James?) because he’s a) well informed and b) level headed enough to give “bullshit” a much more polite name. Independently, James and I are in sync on this one. Now tell this the German media…

  4. It is sad to see such speculations, the guy just loves driving. Since he retired, he was always driving and because of it, there are so many unfounded speculation. At one point, he may decide to do it rather privately or not do it at all. Which is sad. I along with millions enjoy watching him in karting or RoC.
    Every sane human will know that Michael Schumacher would never ever return to F1, particularly with Mercedes and for such ridiculous sum.

  5. I would prefer Michael stays out of F1. He had a wonderful career with lots of wins and records but his time has passed.His comeback would be nothing more than a publicity stunt.
    I am in favor of bringing new talent (I am not including some paying drivers in this category) to F1 and bringing champions back from retirement (including Jacques Villeneuve, if only) could close the door to some deserving young drivers or current ones with some fuel left on there tanks !!!

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