As we are awaiting news on Wednesday, we are holding the release of issue no. 30 up until Wednesday. Thank you for your understanding

Mario-Alberto Bauér

Editor-in-Chief P1Mag

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5 thoughts on “P1 Mag Ausgabe 30 out on the 16th of Dec.

  1. Yep, you’re wainting on Renault official confirmation on their future.
    Their decision will make Kubica enter the driver market or remain out of it. And if he goes to the market, he will most likely go to Mercedes GP (I read this one a while ago on a blog, let me check were… some “GP Insider” of some sort! 😀 ). And if he goes there, no place for Schumi. Unles Massa goes to Sauber, who will have a Ferrari rebadged Petronas engine, and perhaps a place will be vancant at the side of Alonso…

    Am I drawing the right picture or am I just nuts? 🙂

  2. Forget it! I’m just a useless copy-paste “reporter”…

    At least, I take my time crossing all the news from everywere: that way, from all the juice we get, there is always a single drop, two if we’re lucky, that as some sense in it. But I don’t go on writting a blog or a site claiming that I’ve “found” such info, like many others do. In fact, right now, this is the only place I drop a note once in a while. And I miss your quizes… 😦

  3. Well, the Renault “deal” is out on the open but I just would like to say this: I would much rather love to see the Pole on the seat everyone else wants to see Schumacher in!

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