Liebe Leser(innen),

leider kam ich gestern nicht dazu die Vollversion von Ausgabe 30 mit allen Endständen der wichtigsten USA-Rennserien anzukündigen. Ihr kostenloses Exemplar ist nun unter P1Mag-Download erhältlich.

Viel Spass bei der Lektüre

Mario-Alberto Bauér

Chefredakteur P1Mag

Posted via email from P1Magazin


6 thoughts on “Full version of P1Mag no. 30 out now

  1. So, after all, Kobashow will drive for Sauber next year…He’s case is an interesting one… never seemed to be a good driver in junior categories, and, surprisingly, he showed a very good pace and an outstanding performance in F1. What do you think of him, Mario!?

  2. Well, he’s the reigning GP2 Asia champion and was outstanding on his two outings in F1. I’m personally happy for Jarno, Heikki Timo, Lucas and Kamui. True racers, they deserve to be in F1.

  3. I’m very happy for Kobashow, Timo and Lucas.

    In my opinion, Lucas is a modern Alain Prost.

    Kobashow is an amazing case of how an apparently bad driver (because, although winning GP2 Asia, he sucked during last year’s season of GP2 Europe) can shine in F1 due to the huge differences found between F1 and any other categoria.

    Timo is a good driver, a good person, and loves the sport. He deserves to get a seat in F1.

    Jarno and Heikki, in my opinion, don’t deserve to continue racing in F1. Jarno is not the same as before, which is a shame. And Heikki is the same as before, which is also a shame. I thought he was better than he actually is!

  4. Let’s see what Heikki can do now that he’s not under Hamilton’s shadow or Briatore’s spell. I guess this will be his last change, really.
    I also don’t think there are a lot of drivers out there with enough experience to carry the load for the new teams due to test ban.

  5. Mário,

    any developments on the “Genii’nault” team front? Will Kubica become a Gerard Lopez’ driver in January 1st?

    And digging some more: what’s the catch in this deal? What is Carlos Goshn thinking or planning, when he is putting the Renault badge and brand name on the sport on the hands of a third party?
    The Renault engines at Viry Chatillon remain 100% Renault owned, “only” a majority of the Enstone chassis operation were sold to Genii Capital. The big picture is Renault trusting a third party with its brand name and value… I don’t follow!…

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