P1Mag Issue 30 – for all non-German speakers – featured a look back on the 2009 season in US-Racing and, of course, a bit of F1 gossip

– Kamui Kobayashi joining Sauber became a confirmed reality the next day;
– Renault F1 staying thanks to new investor Gérard Lopez leaves a question mark over the second seat as Lopez has got a couple of drivers under contract at Gravity sports management but might not be able to place them as – to this moment – none of them seems elegible for a super license- Good chance for Romain Grosjean to stay on;
– The saga over whether Micheal Schumacher will come back or not might be decided by…. insurance companies. In driver’s contracts insurance issues are one of the most complex matter to deal with. It is believed Mercedes GP is struggling to find a company willin to insure the risk of a multi-millionaire individual with the health issue of recently broken skull basis wanting to risk his life…

And we tested Need For Speed SHIFT, in my humble opinion the best racing game around so far in terms of cockpit view and driving realism from this angle. Very close to true simulations. Gran Turismo 4 and Forza 2 are no longer the standard, Forza 3 and Dirt2 to be tested soon.


6 thoughts on “Translating the latest issue

  1. Mario, you really should test Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and rFactor.

    Need for Speed SHIFT is nothing compared to Gran Turismo 5. Sorry to disappoint you =)

    Dirt 2 is very arcadeish…

    Ah, of course, test Gran Turismo 5 with a G25 racing wheel and activate the clutch (by pushing triangle just prior to the race start).

    Gran Turismo 5 is a PS3 exclusive but I’m sure you won’t have problems to test it!

    PS: I’m not linked, in any means, to Gran Turismo 5 and its corporation… =P

  2. Ah, just to make myself clear… in Gran Turismo 5 you can actually feel that if you brake a little harder to load more the front axle, then the front will offer more grip.

    If you are in a fast corner and instead of just balancing the car you press the gas to much, you unload the front tyres and load the back tyres, and you can actually feel the you understeer due to lack of grip in the front tyres.

    I had never felt anything like that in a simulator!

  3. This games feature is great, especially considering Mario’s driving credentials, it kind of adds authority. On this note, why don’t you try iRacing? They’re advertising it a lot as the ultimate in simulation and there are lots of US based drivers playing it, I never had the chance to try it though.

  4. @Eduardo: From a journalistic point of view there’s no point in testing the GT5 prologue as it’s been there forever. We’re waiting for the real thing and do somethig proper then. But it’s kinda funny they missed out on the x-mas business AGAIN. It’s becoming a bit embarrassing by now!

    @Ivan: The problem at the time being is that we’re not running our PCs on Microsoft OS, but most games will run on just that. PLUS I’d never risk the working to tool to play around with some game. But I have to admit I’m interested to find out how good it is. Let’s wait and see what happens.

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