Last 2009 issue of P1Mag will be out on the 24th of December !


6 thoughts on “IT’S A FACT: HE’S BACK !

  1. Nico Rosberg is already hedging his position claiming that Schumacher hasn’t lost his speed. So, if he, indeed, is still the quickest, no problem if Rosberg is behind him. On the other hand, if he is not as fast as he used to be, Rosberg will be in front of him (but, then, according to Nico, Michael still has his speed).

    In my opinion, Rosberg is screwed…

  2. I’m speechless…

    Montezemolo is such a prick! How about this: Ferrari engines to Sauber, place Massa there (at a cost), and place Michael alongside Alonso. If it was only for a year, I guess Massa wouldn’t be hard to convince (€€€).

  3. Jose,

    Better this way…more people in for the prize. I don’t think Michael will be doing this for just one year if he is still competitive so Massa going to Sauber would end of his career…too much of a gamble.
    I am really curious how the Schummy/Brawn duo will do without refuelling, one of their best weapons (strategy that is).

  4. As I wrote on Twitter: It’s 3-year-deal. Worst case scenario for Ferrari.

    Anyway: Merry Christmas everyone !

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