Should have told you earlier, but the Englsh language P1Mag-Newsdesk issue is out. You might want to find out who Eric Boullier has in mind for the vacant Renault cockpit. And speaking of Sauber 🙂 , like McLaren, the Swiss outfit willl launch their new car (a C25?) prior to the Valencia tests in early February. Download the issue for free HERE


9 thoughts on “Take a peek

  1. Might have broken the link when I corrected something in the text. Schould be alright now. Sorryyyy 🙂

  2. No problem, I was just telling you so you could fix it!!! Great, thanks for the attention!!!

  3. WTF…? Lemme check… Hm, very odd. Just re-issued the same link and it seems to work alright now. Please let me know if you still struggle to get the download. And if there’s trouble, please let me also know which browser you’re using. Crappy old Explorer versions do f… it up quite often… :s

  4. Hi Mario,

    I think the link is broken again !!!!!!! I have tried both latest Firefox and IE.


  5. Right, I linked it directly to the PDF document. There’s something odd in the path, so while I fix this, try HERE, please.

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