P1Mag no. 4 is now out for free download at the P1Mag homepage


9 thoughts on “Out now: P1Mag no. 4

  1. Hi Mario,

    Good to see you firing all cylinders again !! So what do you think about Campos/USF1 merge that came up this week ?

  2. Well, we got the story about Colin Kolles taking over the handling of the operation and he is an excellent crisis manager. For Chad Hurley it’s obvious he’salso looking for ways not having spent good part of that money for nothing. Could end up like the Carabante/Kolles operation running the team and USF1 in the future to play Dallara’s current role aas the chassis builder. But there are A LOT of “ifs” and “whens”. By the way: Kolles has refused to confirm Bruno Senna as a driver. I presume this means if Embratel and all ther others don’t come up with a good part of the budget in the next two weeks, then that’s it for his F1 career…

  3. Tough luck for Senna …but maybe he had some sponsors ready just in case….we will see. I am really curious on how this week’s test in Barcelona develop. I am trying to follow the Cosworth progress a little closer than the other stories. I would love to see Willians back in form.

  4. Thanks Mario,
    Once again fastest lap, BBC just reported about Bruno…
    Whatever happens, I hope he’s not unlucky in the long-term. It’s unpredictable…

  5. Hi Mario,

    Are you doing a season preview like you did last year ? I know you are busy catching up…….

  6. Trouble is I’m trying to get the English version up and running, too. Sleepless nights ahead :s

  7. Well….keep up the good work. The english version will be a great success for sure.

  8. Hi Mario,

    What do you think the long term plan for Campos/Hispania really is ? It looks like uncle Bernie sewed this deal together so someone else could take over the team down the road. If this is true…who do you think would be behind this deal ? I’ve heard VW…but with the engine spec changing in a couple of years I don’t see the benefits of entering F1 now…at least for a major auto maker.

  9. Nah, nothing like that. The goal is ALWAYS to place a brand, make it attractive and sell it off for $$$
    Remember Kolles got Schnaider and Midland to rescue Jordan that turned into Spyker and then he drafted Mallya in so the whole thing became Force India.
    Same thing to happen with HRT, I bet.

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