Well, you’re all smart guys and dolls, you sure figured out yourselves P1Mag no.5 is out, while I was partying, right? :))


4 thoughts on “Aw jeez, forgot to tell ya…

  1. Damn it!
    It was yesterday, March 3rd!

    Well, better late than never: Happy Birthday! (Life goes on, they will always be in our hearts!)

  2. Well wishers are never late and always welcome 🙂

    Thank you, guys. I’m amazed you remembered and feel honoured by the attention. Which is actually unfair because I don’t know your birthdays :s

    And you’re right, J.C.! Obviously there wasn’t much partying, still not in the mood for that. Just a nice dinner and some drinks too many. It was nice to distract from what’s still lingering underneath and made me forget a bit. Also to post this in time though 😉

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