Dear friends,

as you all know, we’re working in the background to launch P1Mag global. The procedure isn’t that complicated, as a matter of fact I’ve designed a layout that will give us flexibility throughout to run a bilingual production of each issue.

However, this also involves manpower and a functioning structure. Our German version is doing well and we now have Alwin Sahr of the Pole Position agency taking care of the advertising. Therefore we cannot afford to sacrifice quality on the German version to launch somewhat prematurely an English version.

The original plan was to begin producing the English version with a Formula 1 season preview, due next Tuesday. Then again most of you will remember I had to overcome a big loss in my life early in the year. During those very difficult weeks I was unable to push forward all the things necessary, like getting the right proof readers, translators (English to German), a graphic illustrator to create the front page (which is done by myself so far) and so on.

It is those several weeks that I was too affected to keep doing my normal work, let alone pushing P1Mag global forward that are missing now and unvariably will delay things further. Maybe a month or so. And it just wouldn’t be right to try to do it nonetheless. One can tell the deadline would be daunting and the quality would probably not be constantly on the same lavel. But that’s a requirement I want to see fulfilled!

However, the launch date is going to be later than planned, but it’s definitely going to happen. And it will continue to be open source. Meaning: Free of charge! We will offer a subscription though and it will comprise some very exlusive goodies in return.

So watch this space, I’ll keep you posted.




2 thoughts on “The status of P1Mag in English

  1. Hi Mario,

    Glad to hear the English version is still happening in 2010. I will continue to use the translation services available here at the office (co-workers) for the now. 🙂

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