The media service on WRC.com is among the worst around! Latest stills are from…Rally GB 2009 ! For almost a year now there are no whatsoever hi-res pictures available on the media section of wrc.com. And I’m giving up drawing their attention politely to it! From now on I call it publicly what it is: This is not worthy of a Wordl Championship status. It’s plain ridiculous amateurism !

Since WRC promoter ISC was sold off and has turned into North One Sport, it’s downhill. Drivers from half a dozen nationalities with a chance to win, a former F1 World Champion and a very popular US stuntman/racer to draw the World’s media attention towards WRC and they can’t even get a decent media service up and running? Why should they? They can’t even get decent TV coverage around Europe on the air.

Fab job, Simon Long!

Thankfully one doesn’t have to put up with something like this too often while trying to get a decent magazine published every week!

P.S. Loeb lead a Citroen 1-2-3 in Mexico ahead of a fabulous Petter Solberg and Sébastien Ogier, taking the championship lead.

P.P.S. The picture above is from Red Bull’s media website. Thankfully their PR dept does a decent and professional job!


One thought on “What kind of a World Championship is this???

  1. I tryed to find the rugulation of 2010 season, but i didn’t find. I’m a fanatic supporter of Kimi, but unfortunately, there is nothing decent here in Brazil for watch the championship.

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