First Qualifying of the season is over and with Sebastian Vettel a pole-sitter that doesn’t surprise at all. Surprises? Not too many, actually. There could be surprise tommorrow though.

My guess is: Vettels pole position is a driver’s bonus. Where Webber stands (P6) is probably where RBR really stands. We will see, if the RB6 is still that quick and nible with full tank. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Massa win in Bahrain again.

Ferrari ahead of McLaren could be explained with 6 tight corners on the new track, which don’t help the MP4/25 long wheelbase. Button quite visibly is not happy with his setup yet. Massa loves the track, has won here before, while Alonso admitted before he doens’t like the odd corner ratios here. So no surprise either Massa qualifying better.

Same for Rosberg and Schumacher, who admitted not yet being able to focus on putting a 100% perfect lap together on demand. He’ll get back in the grove within two or three GPs. The W01, however, isn’T quite in the same league with Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren. Not yet.

Sauber has blown it, I guess. Of course their long wheelbase should work better in Malaysia, China and all the faster tracks. But at least one car in the Top10 should have been possible. Kubica managed that, which is a real surprise, although the short wheelbase certainly helped. Still P9 with the Renault is a massive driver’s effort.

A surprise could be handed by Adrian Sutil. He’s proven to be somewhat in the Top 5 with the supersoft tires. As the only driver he has chosen to start with the harder compound. If he manages to stay ahead of the Williams drivers and his team-mate, he might just make it into te Top 5 again.

Full Bahrain report in the next issue of P1Mag, issue no. 07/2010


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