Quite satisfied as our prediction in P1Mag issue no.06 proved to be 90% right, especially as to the reliability issues at Red Bull Racing.

The 10% that didn’t quite fit:

Ferrari, foreseen as equal to McLaren, was ahead of the British outfit this time, probably will be at the front in Melbourne, too. From then on we’ll have tracks that suit the MP4/25. Congrats to Fernando Alonso, beating Massa on a track he clearly dislikes is a clear indication of the running order at the Scuderia for the rest of the season.

Mercedes not there yet, and clearly behind Red Bull. Vettel keeping Rosberg behind him despite a broken exhaust is a clear statement.

Big disappointment: Sauber clearly hasn’t delivered, they should have a better package than Williams and left us unimpressed. Not much else to say.

Lotus fared best among the new teams bringing both their cars to the chequered flag. Plus entertaining fights by Trulli und Kovalainen with oponents were the highlight of the race. Thumbs up.


8 thoughts on “90% isn’t that bad at all

  1. Sauber, indeed, disappointed us!!! What a shame… Kobashow couldn’t deliver us what we expected!

    I think that Alonso will finish the championship ahead of Massa, but they’re clearly close to each other… a fact that impressed me, since I thought Alonso was more superior than Felipe.

    As I expected, Hulkenberg failed. I don’t know why, but I just can’t believe he is as good as people think he is. Hopefully I’m wrong, since I don’t wish bad things for anyone.

    I’m also impressed by the fact that both Lotus cars finished the race. Way to go!

    Mario, thanks for the usual good material!

    Take care!

  2. Remember the kind of show De la Rosa put on when he replaced Montoya in a McLaren in Bahrain a couple of years ago? Seeing him outside the Top 10 tells me, something on the car isn’t working like it should and they haven’t produced the parts to improve it. Of course it’s about the longest car in in the pitlane, but if half a dozen of tight corners causes them problems, Q1 will be end of the line in Monaco…

    As to Alonso/Massa: Don’t forget that Alonso HATES the Bahraini track. As Räikkönen did back then. If he couldn’t be beaten here, forget it for the rest of the season. His car control and feeling for the equipment is singular. While Massa has to keep a tradition of spinning out the Australian AND the Malaysian GP… 😉

    Schumi came back with a grin from the race, dry as if he’d gone for a day trip with the family in the air-conditioned Merc SUV. He said it was far less tiresome then in the past and that the tires don’t allow overtaking. There you go, THAT’S where the “most exciting season of all times” ends in a yawning contest again… If even Bridgestone’s current supersoft tires won’t melt, even under the desert sun, NOTHING will make them wear 😦

  3. I will wait a few more races before taking any conclusions about the new rules. If the race wasn’t exciting as advertised it wasn’t any worst than previous ones either. Also the changes made to the circuit probably added to the problem by slowing everyone down a bit.

  4. “…From then on we’ll have tracks that suit the MP4/25”

    Mario, Is this advantage of Ferrari because of the track? Isn’t the car a little bit ahead? Do you think Mclarem will be in front after the second race?

    And what about JensonxHamilton?

  5. Once Lewis was in front of Nico, he drove like 10 laps, was slightly faster than top 3 & then switched to 16500 shifting, had some tech problems also… clearly McLaren messed qualy & had the pace in the race.
    2007 all over again, except that we’ve got Vettel instead of Kimi as the “Finn” 😉

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