3 thoughts on “The Ayrton special

  1. Hi Mario,
    Looks great ! I have spread it out to other people here in the office that are not so much into F1 anymore but were very interested in this particular issue of P1 Mag.
    Your tribute was the only one that I really spent time reading…the other sites in Brazil had the same old Senna x Piquet BS attached to them !
    I can’t remember seeing that in any other country that have multiple great champions. Is it that hard to appreciate all the great drivers we had despite personal preferences ?

  2. Thanks Flavio, appreciate the comment. It’s a fast living World and some stop and take some time to think and to spend some time reminiscing those times gone by. Others don’t. I really wish I had any recollections to share about Jim Clark and Juan Manuel Fangio. Other than those, be assured, I will be remembering always those great racers in time I had the chance to meet personally.

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