First of all I’d like to wish all of you out there happy easter holidays. And for all of those hardcore die-hard fans out there, who’ll skip searching easter eggs for watching F1: We’ll almost certainly gonna have the third winner in as many races. So, who’s gonna win it this time? Well, if it rains at Sepang on Sunday, anything can happen. But I’d go for a RBR 1-2. I’d guess Vettel wins ahead of Webber, Rosberg, Kubica, Alonso, Schuey, Hamilton, Sutil, Button and Hülkenberg. What’s your prediction?


14 thoughts on “So what’s your guess?

  1. I just think that if rains during the race, it´s gonna be difficult for everybody to keep the cars on track, but I´ll think that who is in th front wiil keep the places. If it´s not gonna rain, than, I´ll go for Vettel and Rosberg!

    Let´s see…

  2. Actually Kubica and Renault are doing a great job so far. I am really impressed !!!
    I think the race was good..let’s hope it keeps improving.

  3. Yes, Kubica and Force India are the great surprises of the season.

    And a great race for Toro Rosso too. 3th best lap for Buemi and great fight between Alguersuari and Massa.

  4. -Many times the engineer says a lot of things to the driver, some of them silly . This time that the engineer ought to be shoutting at Alonso ears asking him to stop pushing his Ferrari wich have a clear gearbox problem right from the begining and….we did not hear anything.

    -Luscious betrayed Vettel 2 times, but now, she give him the victory (with Ferrari and Mclaren colaborationism)

  5. @Brar. Actually I noticed Alonso’s engine sounding strange, almost dying on the tighter corners while seemingly under stress = Controlling corner speed with the brakes. I thought maybe the throttle doesn’t shut down completely. Als I did hear the engineer saying to Alonso: “I know it’s difficult to drive under these circumstances, but try to pick up time.” Yet, no-one of the TV experts seemed to have picked up this one. I was honestly surprised to see te engine let go in the end, not the gearbox or the brakes…

  6. Bauer: A fanatic friend told me by internet that Burti had noticed the problem in the very begining of the race (but I guess the other expert and the speaker haven´t payed attention to him as many times) . Alonso reported it in the presentation lap. In the Sport Tv video tape at yesterday night Lito noticed more to the racing end, when the problem was bigger (I think) and could be heard also in aceleration while changing speeds.

  7. Burti really noticed very early in the race.But everybody ( galvao and
    reginaldo) pretended not to listen… I think Alonso was too fast yet…

  8. @Mario and B. Soler… actually, Burti at first thought that Alonso had lost a gear, and he said that at the same moment the broadcast showed an onboard of Alonso.

  9. Alonso was really struggling like a… like champ, with the clutch problem in the “not so seamless” gearbox. I´m afraid that Massa had lost more then half a second after the last year accident.

    What I would really like to understand is the big difference time betwen the same cars. Very often bigger then half a second, something not so easy to see before format qualifying change.

  10. The brazilians TVs (Galvao & Co) always asserts that the lady in the Renault pits is Vitaly Petrov´s mother. Is Oksana Kosachenko , Vitaly´s manager his mother too ???
    Speaking to the Russian media, his father Alexander Petrovic sayed:
    “Vitaly’s manager Oksana Kosachenko, who has taken care of my son for the past nine years and through whom we came to Formula 1…”…

  11. It just says about everything regarding the quality of that coverage, doesn’t it? By the way: Didn’t he (Galvao) want to have Alonso excluded from the championship after he outbraked Massa into the pitlane…? =D

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