As a journalist you largely depend from the quality and speed of the PR people of race and rally promoters to do a proper job. One of the worst media services by far in the entire international motor sport World is the one handling the PR of the World Rally Championship, North One Sport!

The picture you see above is a screenshot of the Newsroom section of the official WRC.com website. And no, this is not an April’s fool joke. This shot has indeed been taken on the early hours of the 6th of April 2010! No pictures or reports available past the 1st of April. Unless, of course, you want to report about a roman chariot race that is…

I can’t believe in times like these people still get paid to deliver such pathetic work ! As a matter of fact, I can’t even believe none of their superiors have noticed any of that. Especially as this isn’t a one off. It’s been like this since last summer!

I’m not going to publish any names here (not yet), but I’d fire each one of them if I was Simon Long! Unless, of course, Mr. Long himself turns out to be the source of the general problem of increasingly poor promotion of the WRC. Could well be, considering the dramatic drop in worldwide viewing figures. Actually not because viewers have lost interest. Mr. Long doesn’t seem to have a concept. How else would you explain WRC having vanished from the TV screens of German language countries, for example …?


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