Markus Höttinger, BMW 320 Turbo, Avus 1978

It’s fast living times we live in: Race drivers, who lost their life while sharing the common love for our sport somewhere in the past seem en vogue to be remembered, if they were multiple World Champions. Well, there are a few people who believe Markus Höttinger not ony would have made it to Formula 1, but also would have been successful. He was the kind of naturally gifted and intelligent driver that had it all going for him. Until he perished in a freak accident on the 13th of April in 1980 in Hockenheim at the wheel of his Maurer Formula 2 car, very similar to the late Henry Surtees fatal accident last year.

Markus is pictured above in a group 5 BMW 320i he won several races of the extinct Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft with. P1Mag will dedicate a double page to the 23 old austrian in its issue number 11, appearing this evening. And it looks like we’re alone in remembering poor Markus. Fast living times seem to leave no room for memories of great racers we were fond to watch in the past…


2 thoughts on “Remembering Markus Höttinger

  1. Hi Mario,

    I haven’t heard of him until now. He was gone before I started following racing closely (I was only six years old).
    It is really interesting when you try to imagine what kind of careers drivers like Markus, Bellof and many others would have and how it would impact other drivers’ too.
    Fascinating !!!!

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