Dear friends, the latest P1Mag suffered some substantial delay as we experienced some serious software troubles. However, you shouldn’t miss this issue as there are spectacular shots from the WRC round Rally Turkey and the Hockenheim Historics. Issue no. 12 now available at www.p1mag.de. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Delayed issue out now

  1. I saw the F1 timing information again, and i could realize how slow Massa stays comparing with Alonso (at least, 4 tenths per lap). Mario, do you think that it is only because Massa’s crash at Hungaroring last year or because Fernando is much faster than Massa?

    Best Regards

  2. Well, maybe a bit of both. That Massa cannot compete with Alonso on the same level throughout an entire race is obvious. But 4/10 is a lot. May be related to the schock he suffered in the crash. Remember Karl Wendlinger went through something similar in 94/95.

  3. This may seem an odd request but I am looking for a contact in Brazil that would help me find information on prewar Lancia Astura’s. Can anyone help me?

    Thanking you in advance.

  4. Kelly, I lived in Brazil myself recently for nearly six years and got pretty much involved with the classic car scene. If you’d find any Lancias at all in Brazil, it would almost certainly a car bought abroad. Even more unlikely to find any spares or related bits. All of South American countries pretty much imported cars from the US before they got their own car industries up and running. So, although I’m not sure what you’re looking for, Brazil would be the last place I’d look for anything regarding Lancia. Sorry if that’s not quite the answer you were looking for.

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