Seen this one? Then you haven’t seen issue no. 12 of P1Mag. Free download at www.p1mag.de . This shot was taken bei Eberhard Strähle during last Weekend’s Hockenheim Historic and shows the unfortunate off of a McLaren M8F after an oil spill by another competitor. I guess he’s no longer asking for the 600.000 Euro selling price…


3 thoughts on “Ooomph

  1. What a pity ! Beautiful car,fantastic era ! I remember the last victory of a M8F ,in an unusual blue (“Elf Tyrrell”) livery, in the expert hands of François Cevert …
    Great days !

  2. Bad things happens with wise guys too.
    The shot that shows and clear the jumping (burning?) questions about Alonso start in China GP

    @Brar, had to remove it, Akismet suggested there’s something dodgy with that link. Waht was it about? Greetings Mario

  3. Eyjafjallajökull. It was an image a little bit exaggerated (“da queimada”). The volcano Eyjafjallajökull ash plume.

    To say it in words : Alonso anticipated the red light in -0.200. Wich is hard to see in relation to the read light. But, as the best reaction times are 0.155* , the total gap between Alonso and other drivers something, at least, like a noticeable 0.355.
    A reaction time under 0.100 is red flagged like a “guess” in the Olympic 100 meters race.
    *Reference data could be found in ( figure 1.8):

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