Sometimes it takes it bit longer, doesn’t it? When we reported inmidst all the rumours about Schumacher’s comeback back in November 2009 that Kubica was high up in Ross Brawns shortlist as team-mate to Nico Rosberg, there were some that plainly laughed at us. Those same people try to sell printed paper by telling us exactly that NOW as latest rumour from the Valencia paddock. Oh, please…


2 thoughts on “Kubica/MercedesGP

  1. Back then, I honestly thought Kubica would be driving a Ferrari by 2010 or 2011. I always believed his contract was with Renault and not wit “Renault-evick” (must be read with russian accent).

  2. The new rumour is plain rubbish anyway. Once they had signed up Heidfeld AND Schumacher decided to join, MercedesGP had ( and still have ) more competent drivers than good race cars… 😉

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