I really don’t get all the fuzz. The question was: “Fernando is quicker than you. Can you confirm this?” If he was honest, he’d answer ” Yes, I’m sorry that I almost ran over his front wing and nearly ruined the race for both of us, like I did in Silverstone.” Still not bad for a number 2 driver though 😉

8 thoughts on “What’s all the fuzz about?

  1. “…like I did in Silverstone.” I strongly disagree!

    I’ll be back to develop when I can get some time.

  2. Bauer, don’t let your preferences affect your judgment. The Ferrari’s choice was undefendable.

    – Massa made a good start and overtook Vettel and Alonso.
    – Massa was able to make a good gap between him and Alonso.
    – Massa had problems with his tires (Probably because of his driving style and something with the F10), but was able to keep his car in front of Alonso.
    – If (Even understanding that the “if” isn’t a real factor) the Ferrari didn’t made any interference, i don’t have doubt that’s Massa would be able to keep the first place. And if Alonso was so faster than him, Alonso wouldn’t have problems to overtake him, don’t?

    (And: Was a Alonso’s mistake in Silverstone)

  3. Oh well, now we know YOUR preferences, don’t we? Adding some logic and knowledge:

    1) Good – and bad – starts are made by race engineers together with the tyre engineer, the weather man and the mechanics. The driver only has to sit in the car and do his job ad release the bloody clutch. Massa started from the clean side of the track and his engineers did a better job than the RBR lot. That’s all

    2) you seem to ignore that in order to lap fast you need space in front of you. Alonso simply dropped back to have enough room to put in a series of fastest race laps until the said manoeuvre. If Massa REALLY was quicker, all he had to do was to respond. Well, he couldn’t, for whatever reason.

    3) He had problems with his tyre because he was on the limit all the time. Alonso allowed his tyres to cool. Massa didn’t. Lack of race intelligence.

    4) I don’t get the rest (too confusing) Obviously Brazilians always will believe they’re being robbed all the time. That has become national credo, it seems. Maybe a cultural thing, you know? Like you see the things going on around you all year long, so you expect something illegal must be going on when something happens to your disadvantage.

    The season has clearly proven who’s the better, more complete driver. Check the statistics, please, Ferrari is betting on the man who won two championships, not on the one who lost a single one in seven years of F1. It’s as simple as that.

    Even a recent poll has revealed most ofthe driver’s in the F1 paddock think Alonso’s the best. So why can’t you accept this as a fact?

  4. For sure Alonso was faster all over the year.

    Massa was more then an underdog to everybody including
    Vettel, who didn´t expected to be overtooked by Massa. Felipe was a card out of game.

    Ferrari had to many reasons to give the team order. But those are exactly the same emotional reasons that everybody else (except few ones and spaniards) supports Massa, because the common fan, as in all other sports, wanna see the weakest winning…in the Rocky Balboa style

  5. The problem is really what you call “national credo” or “cultural thing”.
    I would like to see the reactions in case of an inverse scenario (” Alonso, Massa is quicker than you…”)
    Alonso now enters in the gallery of the eternal enemies of the home country.He will meet there (in the auto racing section) among others,Mansell,Prost,Ickx,Hamilton…

  6. I think the result of the Hungarian GP speaks for itself. Alonso challenges the mighty Newey machines, Massa would have finished behind Hamilton – had the McLaren’s gearbox withstood – on P5. I rest my case.

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