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6 thoughts on “Have you seen issue no. 7?

  1. 2010 is really being a great year for the birth of the english version of P1Mag ! How colorful GPs ! Poor Doktor Marko …
    Waiting for the no 08,

  2. Hey Mario,

    I forgot to ask before……Were you at Sauber’s pit in Hockenheim ?
    I think I saw you (or someone that looks just like you) during the BBC broadcast ………

  3. Yes, I was very briefly in Hockenheim for meetings. If I knew I was on camera I’d stuck up a big sign: “READ P1Mag!!!” 🙂

  4. Cool !!!! My wife was watching it with me and when I saw you I said “Hey…is that Mario on TV ? ” …..she promptly replied “Mario ? Who’s Mario ?”. If you’re from Brazil you know what came next !!!!! I could not resist….Classic !!!!!

  5. You should have said “Hey…is that Mario-Alberto on TV ?”…

    P.S. I got a very nasty reply for any Brazilian coming up with that phrase. And it usual includes the beautiful wife/sister/daughter/female cousin and so on. So you better tell her to behave 😉

  6. LOL

    I noticed you too but tought to myself: nááá, I must have been mistaken!

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