It’s already 30 years ago we lost Patrick Depailler. In issue no. 8 we do not only report about the racing action on the Weekend, including a 20 page report on the Spa 24h race, we also remember this unforgotten, fast living racer with a four page story. Now available for FREE download at www.p1mag.de


6 thoughts on “Remembering Patrick Depailler

  1. I remember the exact moment i learn about his accident .
    He used to keep a gauloise/gitane in his overall in case of DNF.
    Those were the days…What a loss.

  2. Bauer. There are many articles about RBR flexible wing in Brazil and abroad that really bothers me. So I ask you to touch in the theme.

    To make it short.
    The hear wing in high speed, if flexible have o narrower frontal area, so it is an advantage.
    But the frontal wing only flex down in high speed. It INCREASE down force,by ground effect, in high speed, and that is just what you don´t want it to do.

    We see the front wing also flexing when the car goes over the kerbs in the apex. Well there may be no gain and in that condition it is possible to say that the front wing is doing the opposite effect of a mass damper.

    So in these view if RBR made a more rigid front wing, they will go faster

  3. @ Jacqualan: Sadly the English and the far more comprehensive German version weren’t of equal length. I think you will enjoy the additional pictures on Patrick Depailler’s career in the German version, which is “Ausgabe 27” on the same download page.

    @ Brar: As usual it has to do with tricking out the measuring process. The FIA has even improved their way to measure the wings under strain. But that’s while stationary in the FIA box in the pitlane. The designers look for ways to make the material flex under the more than a ton of download on the track, while it won’t do the same when stationary and being checked. Reminds me of the whoohah with the sideskirts in the early eighties. How to check on a stationary car what it’s doing at 300 Km/h per hour…?

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