ISSUE No. 12 IS OUT NOW ! Due to some races taking place on bank holiday monday in the UK, issue no. 12 was published with a slight delay. On the positive side we got a whopping 128 pages of motor sport coverage, inside stories and news from around the globe for you. And, of course, we remember Stefan Bellof, who left us 25 years ago. Issue no. 12 is available for free download HERE !


4 thoughts on “Remembering Stefan Bellof

  1. Nice article on Bellof !!
    Now regarding Lenz’s death.. How far should parents push their children into competition ? and why ?
    I see it a lot over here but in Ice Hockey. Frustrated parents that never had the change or talent to become professionals putting the pressure on the young ones to be the best, at any cost.
    I don’t think 13 year olds know what they are getting into. I remember being fearless at that age but never got into trouble thanks to my parents guidance and as a father of two I don’t feel my kids could handle it at that age. Ours kids are growing -up too fast this days.
    Anyway, I was sick to my stomach when I read the news. Too young to die.
    Sorry for the lengthy post !!!!

  2. It worth the delay Mario, #12 P1Mag is great as usual.Men like Bellof,Depailler,Toivonen,Villeneuve,Clark and so many others are hard to forget.
    I just read in french “AutoHebdo”(1765) an excellent interview with Mark Webber.I think he is building slowly, but surely,a worth place in the sport.
    For Dr Marko,like in hungary,the Spa clash Button/Vettel was certainly a
    fifty/fifty race incident…
    Waiting for #13 !

  3. Thank you guys. Yes, this one was hard to stomach. When the workload is already as big as it was last Weekend, having to research this kind of story is sickening. Very, very sad. What I find astonishing is how our colleagues from print magazines seem to ignore such tragedies. Maybe a lost life worth mourning over only begins at, say, Formula 2 level upwards…?

  4. Mario,
    It’s a lot easier to ignore it, isn’t it ?
    I just hope that some kind consciousness (forced by rules or not) arises from this sad episode.
    Anyway…the English version of the magazine it’s getting better and better.

    Congratulations and thanks.

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