Sebastian Vettel put his World title charge back on track at Suzuka, while Jorge Lorenzo and Toni Elias fulfilled their ultimate ambition last Sunday, becoming World Champions in MotoGP and Moto2 respectively. Issue no. 18 is out now for FREE download at P1Mag-ezine


7 thoughts on “World Champions’ edition out now

  1. Yep…I remember it. Talk about bad luck.
    Mario, is it true that Williams will have a South American driving crew next year ? If so can ‘The Hulk” find a seat for 2011 ?

  2. Well, it’s not done. But Maldonado sure’s got a lot of dosh from PVSA. Williams is cash-strapped, so if Weber doesn’t come up with a good deal, Hülkenberg might lose his cokcpit. Which is a real shame.

  3. Will Red Bull have a vacant seat for 2011 ?
    I know that RB is very “happy” with current drivers but we know they are all about Vettel and if Mark gets the title it would make very hard for them to support Vettel as #1.

  4. Hi Vitor,

    I know Mario was talking about Willy Weber…I just used the names as a connection to my point. If Maldonado is taking Nico’s seat and RB and Mark Weber part ways…why not !!

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