Issue no. 22 is out! 79 pages of interesting features and thrilling motor sport coverage, news and so much more. Oh, and we have summed up every possible scenario to identify under which running order either Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton will become World Champion on Sunday. Check it out! Now available for FREE download by clicking HERE


4 thoughts on “P1Mag helps you doing the maths

  1. “Vitaly , Alonso is quicker than you …
    Do you understand the message?…”
    Sorry ,I could´t resist !
    2010,what a year !

  2. HAHAHAHA !!! that’s great.
    Like they say…the devil is in the details…and Ferrari got it wrong this time.
    Congratulations to Vettel & Red Bull

  3. Hello, Mário.
    You know me, ALLWAYS here, although not much writting lately.

    Lastest strong rumour, Mark has driven his last race for the Red Bull team and I was told to keep my eyes on Kubica.

    Any info on such matter? Somehow, I find it unlikely but… it’s F1’s world, isn’t it?

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