Well, our regular readers sure were mssing the final issue of the year on Saturday, as no.27 had been announced for the 18th. Yet the constant snow storms made it difficult, if not impossible, to meet any deadlines, complicating locomotion on a daily basis and simply turning the agenda upside down. And – another lesson learned – on top of it all the compilation of the 2010 season proved somewhat more time consuming than we expected. We’ll bear that in mind for 2011 😉 WE hope you enjoy our final issue for 2010. Unless, of course, you’re the CEO of BMW, Audi’s sports director, or you have anything to do with the huge mess the Nürburgring is in. Among some others cited in our “Flop Ten”. Enjoy it HERE!


2 thoughts on “What snow’s gotta do with it…?

  1. Mário, a very merry Christmas to you and your family! Hope 2011 turns out even better than this year, and I hope P1mag continues thriving.

  2. Obrigado, JC. Um feliz natal pra vc e a sua família tbm. Sobre 2011 ainda falamos. Literalmente 🙂

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