Harry Merkel 11/2/1995, Harald Merkel dies.

A keen East German sports car racer, Harry Merkel was entered in the 1952 German Grand Prix to drive a Krakau BMW Eigenbau but actually didn’t make the start. However, he used the chance to deflect the West. Here founded Auto-Merkel, a dealership that represented a number of exotic brands, for German stabdards anyway, with the franchises for Moto Guzzi bikes as well as Lancia, Panhard and Triumph cars amongst many others. He later re-married and emigrated to Australia where he passed away. He was also a superb shotputter even winning the gold medal at a Master’s event in his new home land.

Born: 10th of January 1918 in Taucha, Germany;
Died: 11th of February 1995 in Killarney Vale, Australia, ageed 77.


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